September 2015 Clay Court opening with Sam Smith

Roland Garros - 2015

Roland Garros - 2013

As Rafa picked up a record 8th grand slam victory at the French Open in 2013, he could be forgiven for missing the arguably more important event the city of Paris was hosting.  No, not the rally against same sex marriage that ripped through the Arc de Triumph, but the inaugural visit to Roland Garros by the Epsom Tennis Club.  Around 15 members took to the Eurostar to indulge in some French culture and well, a little bit of french wine.

What could have been an otherwise dangerous trip was made easy with many native speakers among the group (Helene, Hugh and Mike); they were able to arrange transport, order beers and local wine and crucially avert danger by side-stepping allergies to wheat and other such evils.  Led mainly by the 'advance party' there was little that would stand in the way of watching quality tennis.  Indeed just a few records have been set for future events:

Most time watching a match without using the loo:  Jonathan, Mike and Hugh - 7.5 hours
Most selfless sharing of food during said match: well deserved recognition to hugh for sharing his percy pigs with Jonathan and Mike
Biggest hangover: to everyone's surprise - Hiroko takes the award.
Most used phrase: Mike and his desire for Jambon  (power of the pen, Mike. power. of. the. pen.)
Most miles travelled with no valid passport: Paul Edwards, take a bow. Proof, if ever it was needed, that passports are not used in France.

Below are just a few pictures from the trip ...