We run our adult coaching program for all standards from beginners to advanced players with a skill based coaching approach designed to help players enjoy their tennis and progress through the different levels. In addition to coaching groups we also run Cardio Tennis, a fitness based tennis session, which accommodates players of all standards together. Below is an overview of our adult groups. Click here for our current group coaching schedule.

Adult Beginner

Ideal for players who are completely new to tennis or for those ‘rusty racket’ players who played a small bit of tennis but not for some time. The group focuses on developing control with a variety of shots and playing short versions of the game.

Adult Bronze

This group is for players who have played a small bit but would regard themselves as improvers. ‘Rusty Racket’ players who have play a reasonable amount but not for some time would be in this group. The group focuses on improving control & consistency with a variety of shots and developing the tactics for playing the game.

Adult Silver

This is ideal for players of an intermediate standard who have played a good amount and have some experience of match play. The group focuses on developing shots and tactics so players can attack more from all areas of the court.

Adult Gold

This group is for advanced players who have a strong all round game and have lots of match play experience at a higher level. The group focuses on developing more advanced shots and tactics to help players compete at a higher level.

Book a place

If you are new to our program please go to the contact section and get in touch. We will provide you with further information and let you know what spaces are available. Existing players will have their place renewed automatically from term to term unless we are told otherwise.

Available discounts – players who attend a second session each week will be charged 50% for this lesson.


We will let you know if we need to cancel a lesson due to the weather or another reason. No refunds will be given but instead replacement lessons will be provided. Where replacement lessons cannot be provided credit will be given for the next term’s lessons.

Club Membership

Adults who are non-members may receive group coaching for a term. After this they will need to become members of Epsom Lawn Tennis Club to continue their coaching. Cardio tennis is the only exception to this rule as non-members can continue without needing to join the tennis club.